Are you ready to have fun?

Do you want to squeal with glee? Do you want to laugh so hard your cheeks hurt? Do you want to completely forget that you're excercising because you're having so much fun that you don't want to stop?

Then it is time to play Archery Tag®!

Archery Tag® is awesome fun for just about any group of up to 12 participants, ages 5 and up: group dates, family reunions, work parties, team-building, birthday parties, youth activities, or just hanging out with friends. With our outstanding prices, you can have an hour of riotous fun for less than seeing a movie, getting an ice cream, or even stopping for your favorite Grande beverage. 🎉

And it is safe! The bows are strong enough to shoot an arrow accurately across a basketball court, but even a 5-year old can draw the bow enough to get off a good shot. Glasses-friendly, full face masks protect your head, and fluffy, marshmallowy arrow tips make getting hit safe and fun.

Schedule your event today! Play indoor or outdoor in a space as small as a tennis court or as large as a football field (you do the running 😉). Play like dodgeball (the best for small areas), capture the flag, or even score points, like in Laser Tag. Shoot, duck, dive, and dodge arrows in round after round of epic play. We supply the equipment, and you make the fun!