Starting at just $45/hour, we make it easy to have fun for less!

To keep it simple, we have listed the most common rentals in the price chart below. Check it out! The more you play, the more you save. We want to help you have a blast, so we will work with you when you schedule your event to make sure you have the best experience. For example, if you need an extra half-hour, no problem! It's just another $22.50.

Base Rate
1 Hour
Half Day
4 Hours
Full Day
8 Hours
1 Free Hour
Epic Event
12 Hours
2 Free Hours

Broken or Lost Equipment

Archery Tag® is a high-paced, physical activity. The equipment is robust and is designed to withstand considerable punishment. Amid the crazy fun, though, things can happen. In case an item of rented equipment is broken or lost, the cost of the item will be added to the cost of the rental according to the equipment replacement schedule below. Prices may vary at time of rental. Check rental agreement.

Bow (complete)
Pair of bow arms
Bow grip
Bow string
Arrow (complete)
Arrow tip
Pump and hose
Wrist guard